Wednesday, October 2, 2013

V A L V E live performance

I am rather excited to announce that a V A L V E performance will be happening on Nov 14th at 180 The Strand as part of Tai Shani's new work, 'The 7 Darknesses: A Very Gothic Reading' at Open Heart Surgery, curated by The Moving Museum. Tai asked me to compose and perform a live score to her text, which will be performed at the exhibition. We were delighted to hear that the piece had also been selected to be released on limited edition vinyl.

Tai Shani will stage a performance that seeks to test the boundary between the solitary and internal experience of read literature and the public and collective experience of performed literature in relation to the imaginary space, taste and tolerance. The 7 Darknesses: A Very Gothic Reading will orchestrate a dramatic reading of Shani’s ‘De Sadian’, explicitly violent and graphic text “Be, be the seven darknesses” originally commissioned by the metal fanzine ‘Buried’, the reading will be accompanied by a live score by Chloe Herington (V A L V E)."