2016 Bottled Out Of Eden (InsideOut Music), LP
2014 The Unravelling (InsideOut Music), LP
2012 Clairvoyant Fortnight (Believers’ Roast), EP
2011 Dear Lord, No Deal (Believers’ Roast), EP

Chrome Hoof
2013 (08/10/13) Chrome Black Gold (Cuneiform Records), LP
2010 Crush Depth (Southern Records), LP
2007 Pre-Emptive False Rapture (Southern Records), LP
2006 Beyond Zade (Rise Above Records), EP
2004 Chrome Hoof (Tritone), LP

V Ä L V Ē 

2017 the theosophical society (iad records), EP
2018 Silent Reflux , LP, due for release

Angel Racing Food
2003 Venus Bigfoot (Little Teddy), 7”
2007 ARF (Topplers), LP

Art Projects
2014 Dark Continent - (Bsn, Composer) Commissioned by Tai Shani for a piece in Mirror City at The Hayward Gallery
2013 Be, be the seven darknesses - (Bsn, Sax, Composer) Commissioned by Tai Shani
2013 Subtlemob Soundtracks Vol. 1 (Bsn & Tenor Sax)  Circumstance projects.
2011 The Brick-Keepers - Laid To Rest (Bsn) Commissioned by Serena Korda, composed by Daniel O'Sullivan

Guest Appearances

2017, Necro Deathmort, - Overland, (Profound Lore Records) (Arr. & bsn, trk 4)
2017, Charlie Cawood - The Divine Abstract, (Bad Elephant Music) (Bsn)
2016, Emmett Elvin - Assault on the Tyranny of Reason, (Bad Elephant Music) (Bsn)
2016 The Legendary Characters - Trip of a Lifetime (Cryptic Clue Records) (Tenor sax on trk 7)
2014 Emmett Elvin - Bloody Marvels (Bad Elephant Music) (Sax, Bassoon & Cor Anglais on various tracks)
2014 Trojan Horse - World Turned Upside Down (Bad Elephant Music) (Bassoon on trk 4)
2014 Trojan Horse - He's a Meat-Eater (Rak) (Recorders and Bassoon)
2013 Dodson & Fogg - The Call (Wisdom Twins) (Sax on 'Mystery')
2013 Manning - The Root, The Leaf & The Bone (Festival Music) (Bsn)
2013 Guapo - History of the Visitation (Cuniform Records) (Bsn)
2010 Cathedral - The Guessing Game (Nuclear Blast) (Bsn on track 1)
2010 Jowe Head & the Demi-Monde- Diabolical Liberties (Topplers) (Bsn/Sax)
2007 Mothlite - The Flax of Reverie (Southern) (Bsn)
2007 Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses -Manufauna (Southern/latitudes) (Bsn)
2007 The Stargazers’ Assistant -The Other Side of the Island (Aurora Borealis) (Bsn)

2011 Various, Leader of the Starry Skies (Believers’ Roast) – ‘The Stench of Honey’ (Knifeworld cover of Cardiacs track)
2007 Simian Mobile Disco, Sample & Hold (Witchita) – ‘Clocks’ (Chrome Hoof re-work)

2004 Various, Falling Uphill (Windless Air Music), 'Guinea Pig(Angel Racing Food)

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