"It seems then that with V Ä L V Ē, Chlöe Herington wants to create a lingering series of moments and movements that will sit differently with everyone who encounters them. These sounds aren't designed to sit on top of memories or prop them up but rather they are precisely shaped to weave through the mind like blood through a capillary. A vital cog in the mechanics of many an ensemble over the years, Herington and company's V Ä L V Ē is a complex machine that is now almost ready to crash into our lives. Best ready our senses then." - Eoin Murphy (The Quietus) Full article HERE

"Much smitten by this. Discovered by a sheer and we should say, happy accident by way of a facebook posting, this is the rather delightfully transfixing ‘atmos #1’ by the London based collective V Ä L V Ē. A teaser track culled from a forthcoming EP by the name ‘#1 [the theosophical society]’ which i’m sure you’ll agree manages to craft something of a daydreaming wonderland imagining one suspects, a snoozing magic woodland adored with hypnotically shimmering bowed chimes and music boxes, all very serenely captivating and alluringly twinklesome not to mention playful and cutely becoming, in short, Reich for reception classes and something that ought to be on the radar of those whose listening loves stray fondly to the lulling tones of the Clangers and the Moomins." -
Guardian, 2016

Guardian, 2014

"V A L V E is the solo project of Chlöe Herington – reedswoman, experimenter and Magma/Zappa/Peter Maxwell Davies fan. She’s best known for blowing taut, assertive bassoon and saxophone parts in Knifeworld and Chrome Hoof, but has also worked with lo-fi art-rockers Jowe Head & The Demi Monde and elusive psycho-lounge band Made By Monsters, as well as a clutch of contemporary classical projects. V A L V E places the bassoon to centre stage, surrounded by Chlöe’s clusters of technology and (when required) selected guests. At the Harrison, the project will be appearing in “its first non-gallery show ever”, which might either involve letting it off the leash or playing a little more safe. (Come and find out.)
Dotted around Chlöe’s other band commitments, V A L V E releases have been sparse so far – odd fits and starts on Soundcloud or YouTube plus a couple of Bandcamp tracks. Here are a few tasters, including the soundtrack to a dinosaur battle, something which Chlöe developed from a piece of music found in a skip, and a more sombre contemporary classical effort." - Misfit City, Aug '15

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