Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chrome Hoof and Knifeworld news

Things have been busy.

Chrome Hoof recently played new Hackney venue, OSLO, with Charles Hayward in support.  We had the great pleasure of him joining us on stage to play 'Crimson Drone' with us.

We then ventured to the Midlands for a show at Nottingham Contemporary for the launch of Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and Tala Madani, with support from Aja Ireland.  It was a magnificently packed show and so lovely to play in my hometown.

Next in the pipeline?  For Chrome Hoof, it's booking shows for the rest of the year and for Knifeworld, finishing the new album.

Be, be, the 7 darknesses.

I recently performed at The Moving Museum's 'Open Heart Surgery' as part of Tai Shani's new piece.  It was an interesting collaboration between Tai, actress Gemma Brockis and me and the music was something unlike anything I have done before as it had absolutely no bassoon or sax (other than a pre-recorded fragment) and was scored for clarinet (via harmonist pedal), electric guitar (bowed and looped) and triggered samples.

The piece we made was performed live on 14th November at the launch and was exhibited (recorded form) as an installation or the duration of the show.  Nine of the artists (including Tai) were selected to have their sound pieces released as a limited edition 9-vinyl box set in a perspex box.  You can find it here...